Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recent reads for November

Less than zero and Imperial bedrooms by Brett Easton Ellis
Facing violence by Rory Miller
[Maybe I should have titled this "November reads that are not for everyone."]

    After reading Less than zero, I saw the trailer for the film adaptation. I can see why Ellis hated it at first (Some other readers might even go so far as to say that the film adaptation should be hated forever!). The later pages of the book seem to be indicative of what he was capable of doing later in American psycho. Here is the trailer to Less than zero:

    Elements of how Ellis felt about the film adaptation of Zero and the reception to it feature in Imperial bedrooms. Clay, one of the central characters in Zero and Imperial bedrooms, remarks to himself  that the actor who was chosen to play him, looked more like him than how he was described in the book. Clay's narration gives us an idea of what his relationship with Julian is like.

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