Friday, December 9, 2011

Recent reads for October: Hunter S. Thompson, Alan Moore and Ray Bradbury

The proud highway: Saga of a desperate southern gentleman, 1955-1967 by Hunter S. Thompson
Watchmen by Alan Moore
The homecoming by Ray Bradbury

     The first one is a collection of letters written by Thompson. For the second and third, finally got to read them. The third was also a gift.

      I found Thompson's Highway hilarious. Having read Fear and loathing and Hell angels some time ago, gave the context for some of the humor and craziness, but with surprising insight, that  sometimes characterize Thompson's gonzo journalism.  Thompson was part of a group in high school that read philosophy. After high school and the Air Force, one of his letters even reference Jean Paul Sartre (in Kaufmann's Existentialism: From Dostoevsky to Sartre).
        Perhaps now more will know about Thompson from Johnny Depp (who I hear is doing The rum diary). What Thompson says about his younger self (who wrote the letters) was highly interesting. Many of the letters there have to do with not being able to pay the rent. Apart from his reasonable requests about asking why his Rum diary was rejected. The young Thompson wanted to improve his work.

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  1. Ah they have shown the film adaptation of The Rum Diary already.