Thursday, December 1, 2011

Recent reads from August

Better than sex: Confessions of a political junkie by Hunter S. Thompson
V for vendetta by Alan Moore and David Lloyd
Heart of darkness by Joseph Conrad
Daughter of regals by Stephen R. Donaldson

   The last one is a collection of stories, already out of print. There's another collection of Donaldson, the title escapes me at the moment. He is more known for his Covenant and Gap series.

   Thompson's book is his gonzo account of Bush-Clinton-Perot elections. A significant event was Clinton's meeting with the editors of Rolling Stone and Thompson. Since Nixon died, Thompson included his "eulogy" as the final part of his gonzo pastiche.

        The picture above is Marlon Brando as Colonel Walter Kurtz from Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse now. Coppola's film was inspired by Conrad's Heart of darkness.



  1. hi, where did you get a copy of conrad's heart of darkness?

  2. Hello Jesson. It's from a compilation that I got from "Books for Less."