Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dealing with Cheats and Other Smarmy Individuals or the Perils Near the End of a Term

    The 2nd term is wrapping up and with it comes the usual paperwork and things to get done. The past years have also shown the occasional unruly student accompanied by their sometimes even more unruly parent/s. By unruly students, I mean those who cheat in exams, plagiarize papers, have no requirements etc. that would have the consequence of a failing grade. What make them truly unruly is that the said students even expect to pass.
    Then we have the unruly parents who also expect their sons or daughters to pass. But wait, haven't they realized that this is supposedly a university? Or have they also forgotten the wrongdoing by their sons and daughters?  
    The above picture was taken from  It features links to prominent cases in the Philippines regarding plagiarism. From that article is a passage worth thinking about:

...when one is proven to have committed plagiarism, the effects are even worse than being imprisoned. It may not be punishable under national laws, but it is considered as an act of dishonesty that is punishable under the rules and regulations of other social institutions, and it is also a violation of the ethical-moral principles the society holds. Thus, a plagiarist will not face the court, but s/he will suffer from the lynching gazes of the people s/he cheated – his.her [sic] unacknowledged sources and readers.

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