Sunday, December 4, 2011

Recent reads for August part 3

The beast in the jungle by Henry James
The Dark Knight returns and The Dark Knight strikes again by Frank Miller
Three uses of the knife: On the nature and purpose of drama by David Mamet

   Frequently, purposeful  academic writing leads to reading other seemingly unrelated things. For the first one, after reading many of William James's works, it was time to read Henry's stuff. Turns out The beast is also critically acclaimed. Mamet is  a playwright (American buffalo and Glengary Glen Ross for instance) who provides food for thought on what the nature and purpose of drama should be.

   The recent reads for August were done in a span of six days. Coincidentally, the most productive as far as my academic writing (i.e. dissertation and articles) is concerned.

Got the above image from: On Writing Fiction Mel Odom's blog. The blog entry by Odom is further food for thought even if one is not a writer like he is.

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