Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On the Cambridge Pragmatism Workshop

   I chanced upon this link from the FB group of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy (SAAP). I guess those from Cambridge are partly doing this because Huw Price is one of their more recent hires (and he is listed as one of the organizers). Let me say that of the things that Price has written that I have read, I have also liked. I can't comment now to what extent I agree or disagree, however. But they are food for thought. Other speakers are Robert Brandom, Michael Williams, Simon Blackburn and Cheryl Misak. The first two had Richard Rorty as their dissertation director.
   Still, as others have commented in SAAP group their is something wrong with the description. As I have written their also, at the very least they could have mentioned Peirce, James and Dewey (Mead is below James in the above picture. Or take it from the British perspective, what would the scholars on Russell and Moore say?  
   I posted further on the SAAP group also that: 

"Over the past century, many distinguished Cambridge philosophers have been pragmatists in one sense or another." That's stretching it. Before this sentence they could have added something like:" Peirce and his views on blah blah, James and his views on blah blah and Dewey on his views on blah blah..." Even then I wouldn't really know if that were enough.

  With any luck, the conference will be productive and take seriously some of the issues raised by the classical pragmatists. After all, part of recognizing their contribution is appreciating their being able to anticipate some of the more recent discussions now in philosophy.

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