Sunday, December 4, 2011

Interesting post from another blog and an impression of philosophy in the Philippiines

From Eric Shwitzgebel's The Splintered Mind:

Maybe empirically oriented philosophers typically don't regard themselves as expert enough in history of philosophy to write about it. But I think we hobble ourselves if we allow ourselves to be intimidated. The standard of expertise for writing about Descartes or Kant in the context of a larger project -- a project that isn't just Descartes or Kant interpretation -- shouldn't be world leadership in Descartes or Kant interpretation. It should be the same standard of expertise as in writing about a contemporary colleague with a large body of influential work, like Dennett or Fodor.

Eric's post made me think about philosophy as it is done in the Philippines. Of course, I can only speak about my experience in the Metro Manila area. Are we doing too much history of philosophy in the Philippines without the requisite scholarship? Something to think about.

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