Saturday, December 10, 2011

Instead of Pacquiao Fight Discussion, recent reads for November

Rules of attraction by Brett Easton Ellis
Drama: An actor's education by John Lithgow
Meditations on violence by Rory Miller

    When I wrote this on the notes section of Facebook, the social network scene was swarmed with discussions as to who really won in the recently concluded fight involving Pacquiao. 
     Ellis's Rules of attraction was actually in my other backpack for quite some time. I read parts of it on the way to a community service that the office was doing. It was quite a read when I got back to it. Previously I had read American psycho and Glamorama. One of these days I will put something on Ellis and Dostoevsky. An easy question to answer: Is Ellis for general consumption? No, and thankfully so.

On Lithgow, at the very least those who read it may have a better idea not just at what actors do, but all the other things that the actor has to go thru. When I think about it, things that everyone else can go thru, but sometimes the actor has to portray these things, while those very things are happening in "real life."  Art imitating life. Life imitating art. A public performance with a private experience? That is, sometimes the very things one has to portray is also the experience of the actor offstage.



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