Thursday, May 17, 2012

So is this going to be Pacquiao vs Obama?

Just heard this on AM radio. The Facebook feeds are filled with it also it seems.  The brouhaha over Pacquiao's purported statement regarding gays and marriage. Can Mayweather be far behind? How about Romney? What about omissions or exaggerations? With all these big names, it seems expected.

King writes at the end:

In any event, it appears we -- and countless others (Ampong in particular) -- owe Pacquiao an apology. He's apparently not as much of a homophobe as Ampong made him out to be. However, he still opposes letting gay people tie the knot, which -- while being an obnoxious opinion -- is a far cry from calling for the death of human beings based on their sexual orientation.
We sent Ampong an email asking if he'd like to explain why he misled people with his article. We haven't heard back.

Big names and big stories.


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