Monday, May 28, 2012

Playlist for Corona Verdict: Slayer, Seasons in the Abyss

Just in time for the Corona impeachment verdict. SLAYER. Maybe the senators should have their own entrance music before they do their speeches.

01. War Ensemble(Araya/Hanneman)4:51
02. Blood Red(Araya/Hanneman)2:47
03. Spirit in Black(Hanneman/King)4:07
04. Expendable Youth(Araya/King)4:09
05. Dead Skin Mask(Araya/Hanneman)5:20
06. Hallowed Point(Araya/Hanneman)3:23
07. Skeletons of Society(King)4:40
08. Temptation(King)3:25
09. Born of Fire(Hanneman/King)3:07
10. Seasons in the Abyss(Araya/Hanneman)6:37

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