Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Why Albert Einstein and Philosophy of Science (see previous post too ;) )

Instead of writing and working on Einstein and his relation to philosophy, I have narrowed it to Einstein and his relation to philosophy of science. Part of it is significantly historical. For instance, one can look Einstein's connections to logical positivism/ logical empiricism. One can situate the classic problems of philosophy of science in terms of the issues raised by Einstein's theory of relativity (special or general). Or one might ask further of Einstein whether he was a verificationist, a conventionalist or a realist (none of the above?). I don't think it too problematic to say that "philosophy of science" is also just shorthand for "history and philosophy of science."

The other part is that there is much to learn from the study of philosophy of science for the layperson. If this claim is correct, then the implication there is that at the very least one can learn something from philosophy!  Hehe :)  What is there to learn from philosophy of science for the layperson? Well that would be another topic for another day.

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