Friday, June 14, 2013

Prep for Gender Studies seminar next week, new publication and Peirce 2014

After Helsinki, still more Gender Studies related work to come next week. Working on a number of things that have to do with physicalism, skepticism and philosophy of science. One of my papers on Quine is featured in C and E Publishing's Tao po? Readings in the Philosophy of the Person. I guess I will write about that too. But the paper on Quine came out with grappling with some of the implications of some of the isms just mentioned.

I'm going to take some photos later, to post for the recent reads thing that I have neglected to do for months! I think I put in one of my previous posts that I will be using my own photographs from now on. I had a lot of practice doing some photography in Helsinki and Vienna.

Still thinking about Peirce 2014. Visa, cost and paper, what to do? Take it one day at a time...

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