Saturday, June 9, 2012

5 Books of Philosophy (via Leiter's post regarding Romano)

The link to Leiter's post is here. My reply is in the comments section, reproduced here:
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I would say:
1. Thus Spoke Zarathustra by Nietzsche (Kaufmann's translation was one of the first philosophy texts I read not just for the philosophy but for the mere enjoyment of it).
2. Word and Object by Quine (I was led to Quine via Nietzsche. Quine's name was in the index of one the Kaufmann translations of Nietzsche, and so I got to "Two dogmas").
3. Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature by Rorty (I think there are many "outside philosophy" who overstate his characterizations and conclusions from this book. I got into Quine, Sellars and Davidson even more because of this.).
4. On Certainty by Wittgenstein (To be read with G.E. Moore).
5. Pragmatism by James (Well my reading of this is influenced by Putnam's. I would have to say also that it helps if we look at James here as struggling with the implications of naturalism. Of course, James would take the religious/supernaturalist view in the end). 

I would add here that James's pragmatism also discusses Vivekananda. More generally, James concerns himself with the possible consequences of holding certain metaphysical views of the world. James was quite familiar with the expression tat tvam asi.

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