Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wilfrid Sellars Society

Photo by George D. Wood]
    Not many people I know of in the Philippines (involved in analytic philosophy or dabbled in Rorty-style pragmatism) are familiar with Wilfrid Sellars. Most of them would recognize him as the editor of some compilation and not be familiar with his philosophy. It does not seem unsurprising that it follows that more are also unfamiliar with Robert Brandom and John McDowell. I think that this situation in the Philippines is unfortunate.  
     There is also the matter of the availability of his works in our university library. I have read his Empiricism and the philosophy of mind and "Philosophy and the scientific image of man" (as far as I know not available in our library) Sellars also has an autobiographical essay that features an anecdote with Carnap. The title of that essay escapes me at the moment. Andrew Chrucky's  site was what I primarily read for quite some time. 
     The link to the Wilfrid Sellars Society is here.

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